Gorgeous new fabrics arrivals

to get you set for those transitional sewing projects and beyond!

It's been a busy month or so here at g&g with lots of new fabric arrivals for the change of seasons so I've got lots of new things to share with you and inspire your next dressmaking projects! 

The g&g shop will be at The Knitting and Stitching show in a few weeks time (Thursday 10th-Sunday 13th October) and as we always keep our Moseley shop and website open while we are at the show, depending on when you are reading (or watching) this post, some fabrics may show as out of stock. Please email us on info@guthrie-ghani.co.uk if there is anything you are interested in that is out of stock and we can let you know when its available again. Most fabrics are ones we can re-order anyway! 

Below is my latest Youtube video to go with this blog post where you can see the fabrics up close and how they move or read on for links to all the ones I mention and more! 

Printed jerseys

This first colourful group of printed jerseys are on a viscose base so they have a lovely drape and movement to them. They would be great for dresses or tops that are looser in style like the Closet Case Ebony tee as it would really show off the fluidity of the fabric. 

These lovely cotton jerseys have a bit more structure to them than the viscose base ones above and all have pretty sparkly, glittery accents to them. They are more of a t-shirt weight so great for that style of top. 

This gorgeous range of spotty cotton jerseys are also a lighter t-shirt weight or they would be great for kids clothes too! 

Stripy Jerseys

These beautiful new broad/narrow stripes cotton loopback jerseys are super soft and snuggly. I'd say they are like a lighter weight sweat-shirting fabric so best for sweatshirt patterns rather than really fitted tops. 

These these amazing sparkly stripes are super colourful and glitzy. They are cotton as well, but a lighter t-shirt weight so best for t-shirt styles or long sleeved tops. 

Plain jerseys

Next up is the new range of organic cotton, light weight sweat shirtings. They feel amazingly soft and would be ideal for cosy PJ's or tops for layering up with as they days get colder! 

Cosy fabrics and woollens

This new range of Robert Kaufmann shetland flannels are 100% and have such a snuggly, soft brushed finish. They are more or a medium weight fabric so will hold their structure a bit more and would be great for classic blouse styles like the Grainline Archer or for tunics and dresses to be layered up with tights or leggings. 

This absolutely gorgeous selection of melton wool coatings from UK manufacturer and our new supplier, Abraham Moon, would be perfect for making a winter coat or jacket. They are a heavier weight at 525gms so will press so crisply and hold their shape and structure perfectly. The colours are so beautiful as each colour blend is made up of between 2 and 7 different shades. We also have a special sample swatch pack of this range available for you to check the colours before you pick a favourite! 

Tap here to see the video I recently posted of my tour of the mill where all the fabric is made - it's fascinating!  

These boiled wools have 100% wool content so they will be really warm to wear! Boiled wool tends to have a bit more 'give' in it's structure so depending on the type of garment you are making you may want to interface the whole fabric with woven interfacing. Or, if its a more relaxed or unlined coatigan style then it will be lovely the way it is. 

Silky soft viscose prints

We've had a gorgeous selection of new viscose print fabrics too. These are really versatile fabrics that can be used for tops, blouses, dresses, jumpsuits and lighter weight trousers. They feel really silky and smooth and have lot of drape and movement making them float nicely when sewn up into a garment. 

For more inspiration and tips on how to work with this type of fabric, tap here to watch my video on sewing with slippery fabrics. 

Plain and embroidered viscose

Finally these last fabrics are something a little bit different. Pictured below are two plain viscoses that have a lovely three tone effect as they are woven with a colour (denim blue or light blush pink) with white and a metallic thread, giving them a lovely shimmery appearance. 

The darker blue denim coloured one has really subtle pin stripes running parallel to the selvedge and has a lovely thickness with drape making it ideal for dresses or even a jumpsuit. 

The two embroidered ones are an unusual combination of cotton embroidery on a pin striped viscose base. The'd make such a pretty top or blouse! 

This last few fabrics are a bit different again! The first one is a really incredible applique leaves fabric that is really textured and so interesting to feel and look at. I think it would make a stunning skirt, lined with some plain viscose fabric so that it could really swish around. 

The pretty embroidered ones come on a fine mesh base of either light denim blue or a dusky pink colour and have cream cotton embroidery. They'd make a really cute little top as well and you could line them with either plain cotton lawn or viscose. 

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