Gauzes, linens, summer viscose and more!

Our round up of this months new arrivals!

There are a lot of summer sewing vibes in the shop right now with so many lovely new fabrics, great for breezy dresses, tops and skirts - so much inspiration for a sunny handmade wardrobe!

You can see how the move and drape in the latest Youtube video or scroll on to find links to all the fabric I mention in the video. To browse the most recent selection of fabrics visit the Just Arrived section. 

Nani Iro and Kokka Fabrics 

First up are these beautiful new Nani Iro Japanese fabrics and I've split them into two colour palates. Lovely pinks and cool blues and greys. Most of them are cotton double gauze, so lovely and light weight, perfect for simple summer tops like the Tilly and the Buttons Stevie or the Grainline Scout Tee

We've got two 100% linen ones that are also good for simple tops like the Grainline Willow tank or a simple skirt. And finally we've got one rexcel (tencel) fabric that has beautiful drape like rayon/viscose fabrics so is perfect for loads of projects from tops, blouses, dresses and skirts. 

This gorgeous selection of fabrics are a mix of base cloths. In the first image there is a rexel (tencel) fabric that has a gorgeous soft and silky drape to it making it great for lots of different projects, along with another cotton double gauze. 

In the second image is are two colour ways of a more medium weight cotton fabric that has a lovely multi-toned thread running through it giving a nice texture and depth to the fabric. It will hold its shape and structure more as a garment so that's something to bear in mind when picking a pattern, a-line shapes or more fitted bodices work best. 

Summery linens and textured cottons

These summery linens are two-toned and chambray like as they are woven with a with thread against a coloured thread. It gives a really nice texture to the fabric. They are great for dresses like the Closet Case Charlie Caften, trousers like the True Bias Emersons and jumpsuits like the Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs

These next fabrics are also super summery. The embroidered cotton would make a lovely top or dress, I recommend underlining it with a plain cotton lawn. The other white fabric has really subtle spots that are created by an alteration in the weave at regular intervals. It would make a lovely blouse or shirt. 

In the second image are two fabrics we have previously had in other colourways and prints. The fun lobster print is on a linen viscose base so its really light weight and floaty with a natural texture to the weave. The confetti one previously came on a black background but I love this new lighter toned version so breezy tops and blouses. 

Light and breezy viscose fabrics 

These fabrics are all viscoses with a soft and smooth finish. The float and drape beautifully and would make a gorgeous dress or skirt. 

Stretchy fabrics 

On a more cosy note, these lovely light weight fleece backed cotton sweat shirtings have a lovely doodle pattern on them. As a comparison they are lighter in weight than our cosy colours so still great for summer cover ups for cooler days or evenings. My current favourite sweater pattern in the Megan Nielsen Jarrah but it would be suitable for all the other classics too...the linden and toaster for example! 

These loopback sweat shirting fabrics are also nice a light weight for summer makes and have some drape and movement to them as well. They also have a really subtle gold metallic thread running through them, which catches the light beautifully. 

Despite looking plain and classic at first glance I really love the weight and texture of this next range of fabrics. They are a more sturdy medium weight jersey with a ribbed texture that runs at a right angle to the selvedge. They would be perfect for the Tilly and the Buttons Coco Top or dress and I think they would look really cute as a cropped boxy jumper - you could easily use the Linden as a base and just shorten the length. 

And finally are some light-medium weight jerseys fabrics that are best suited to a more t-shirt style of garment, so the Grainline Lark or Tilly and the Buttons Agnes would be great choices. 

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