Just been stitched

Cute Cleo dunagree dress
In a classic denim

Blog / 8 December 2016

Since the release of the new Tilly and the Buttons Cleo pattern last month, my Instagram feed has been full of so many inspiring versions of this classic dungaree dress.

I have to say it’s something I thought I wouldn’t make initially. When I was pregnant I tried on a pair of trouser dungaree and I seriously looked ridiculous and I think it scared me! Having said that, after seeing everyone else’s versions I wanted to be part of the Cleo gang too!

Our new denim collection that arrived last week is so lovely – full of ex-designer denims in lots of different colours and I think the Cleo and denim is a great combo!

I choose this mid blue denim that has a little bit of stretch and went for a lovely mustardy/orange top stitch thread (gutermann shade 412).

I made the short version and decided to make size 3, which fits my hips but according to the body measurements chart my waist is a 4/5. The finished measurements chart in the instruction booklet shows you how much ease there is, so after looking at that I decided the 3 would be fine on my waist.

It’s such a simple make and only took me a few hours one evening. It does have quite a bit of top stitching, especially if you choose to put lots of pockets on – I just went for the centre front one – but I absolutely LOVE top stitching! Seriously – it’s so satisfying! Especially top stitch thread on a thicker fabric like this denim.

With having a high contrast top stitch thread, I wasn’t sure initially whether to do the top stitching around the top edge of the dress. I thought it might look too much, but after posting the questiosn on Instagram and Facebook, the yes vote won and I went for it.

I’m pretty happy with it and having that top stitching certainly helps to keep the facing in place!

If you haven’t used dungaree buckles before, then there are a few options. Prym have a set that includes the buckle and buttons that have some writing on them. Then there are individual buckles and separate plain jeans buttons that go nicely together – that’s what I used.

Applying the jeans buttons is so easy and you can use Vario pliers too – whoop! I always love an excuse to use them! The pack of buttons comes with a little tool set which you can use with a hammer, or you put the tool set in your pliers and then just squeeze the front and back sections together – simple as that!

I've also made a little video to show you how the dress moves and I've included a little demo of using the vario pliers as well.

I so happy with how this make turned out! It’s made me want to make more tops to go underneath it though! These pictures are taken with a RTW J Crew top that I got a few years ago but I think just about any colour of plain jersey or stripes would also look good. That’s whats so great about denim – it goes with anything!

We've also just had a delivery of more mustard cord along with some lovely velveteens that would make gorgeous Cleo's. I'm so tempted by a velveteen one - so cosy for this time of year!