Sewing Society Kit Purchasing and Shipping Terms

Shipping terms

Our g&g Sewing Society kits are released for sale on the first Wednesday of each month

  • The shipping time frame will always be listed at the top of the kit listing. This can vary from month to month. It is typically around 2.5 weeks from the date the kits were released.
  • Due to the high volume of orders we receive during a kit launch, it takes the team longer to process and ship orders.
  • We strive to get them out to you as soon as possible but please be aware that shipping of your kit could take up to 2 weeks from the date it was ordered, if ordering on or near a launch day.
  • For past kit releases ordered out-with a kit launch window at the start of each month, kits will be shipped within our normal time frame of a few days.
  • Kits will be delivered in the UK Mainland via the Royal Mail 24 service OR Fedex Priority - depending on the option you choose at the checkout. Please follow this link for more specific information on the shipping options for the UK Mainland.
  • If you order additional items to the kit, within the same order number as the kit, these items will be dispatched with the kit. It may also take longer, but still within the dispatch window/time frame indicated. This is because it takes longer to safely package your additional items with your kit order.
  • If you order additional items to the kit after the kit order has been placed, unfortunately we are unable to group subsequent orders together. The orders will be shipped separately and the normal postage charges will apply to the additional order.
  • If you order more that one kit on separate order numbers, these cannot be combined retrospectively and will be dispatched separately.
  • International orders for kits will be shipped using our Fedex service and the normal postal charges will apply. Full international shipping information can be found in this link.

Purchasing terms

  • When purchasing a Sewing Society kit you will receive all of the items (electronic and physical) as listed in the 'This kit includes' section of each kit listing.
  • The instruction booklet for each pattern featured in the kit will be attached to your order confirmation email and will also be available to view in the videos and files section of the website when you are logged in.
  • As per the listing for each kit, there will NOT be a physical print out of the instruction booklet included in the kit. Customers can either view the instructions on their phone, tablet/device or computer or print them at home. If you would like to be provided with a printed copy of the instructions this can be purchased as an add on item. This is optional as you have life time access to the electronic instruction booklet anyway.
  • Where specified on the 'This kit includes' section on the listing, you also get access to the PDF pattern files for the pattern featured in the kit. This will be the A0 version and the A4 version of the pattern files.
  • Depending on the pattern company this file is either issued by Guthrie & Ghani and will be attached to your order confirmation email and available in the files and videos section of the website when logged in OR you will receive information on how to access the PDF pattern files from the pattern companies website (for free as you have purchased it as part of the kit from Guthrie & Ghani).
  • If you are to access the pattern files from the pattern company website, please note that there may be an expiry date by which you need to access them.
  • Accessing the PDF files is optional as you will have the A0 print out of the pattern anyway in your kit. The PDF pattern files are only for your future reference should you wish to re print the pattern another time.
  • Some pattern companies DO NOT offer access to the PDF pattern files as part of the license agreement for us to use the pattern in the Sewing Society kit. In this instance you will have your A0 pattern print out, which will be your only copy of the pattern and you will have the electronic copy of the Instruction booklet as outlined above.

Requesting to cancel or for a refund of a kit

  • If you purchase a Sewing Society kit and subsequently request to cancel the order prior to it being shipped, we will NOT be able to refund the whole value of the kit if the kit contains electronic access to pattern files and a top tips video.
  • This is because access to the electronic files is received as part of the order confirmation when you complete the sale and access cannot be revoked retrospectively. We pay a license fee to the pattern companies for each kit sale that we make and therefore when access to an electronic version of the pattern files is received but a customer at the point of completing the transaction and cannot be revoked by us, we still have to purchase a license for allowing access to the files.
  • If you purchase a Sewing Society kit with automatic access to pattern and video files and subsequently request to cancel the order prior to it being shipped, we can refund you the cost of the kit minus £15 to cover the admin costs and pattern license costs for the files you would have received in your order confirmation email.