Cone Mill 10oz Indigo Rigid Selvedge Denim Fabric

This Cone Mill 10oz Indigo Rigid Selvedge Denim is renowned for its superior quality.

This is a 10oz 100% cotton denim and it comes in a raw form. This means it will naturally fade and develop character and wear in over time. For this reason some photographs have been included in the gallery of a pair of jeans, using this exact denim, that have been worn in through frequent wearing and washing over a 2 month period.

Please note the narrow width of this selvedge denim!

This fabric was featured in our g&g Sewing Society kits for the Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans and the Sew Over It Sorrento Jacket.

31"/ 78cm
Recommended uses
Suitable for making jeans, jackets and dungaree styles.
Cotton 100%
Care Instructions
Prewash at 30 degrees with a 1200 spin and air dry. Iron with warm steamy iron.

About this product

Colour transfer onto light coloured fabrics and upholstery, as well as fading is normal and to be expected with this type of raw indigo dyed fabric.

The fabric will feel a bit stiff, even after pre-washing. This is normal and to be expected. Once you are washing and wearing the garment it will soften up like a new pair of shoes does!

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