Renovations - Part Twenty-one

Work is still ticking along at 169 and the building, soon to be my new shop, is finally getting water tight!

The major step achieved this week has been getting two sections of flat roof felted and flashed - thats over the porch at the front door and over the bay window.

The roof over the porch has been leaking so badly for years so its a big relief to finally get it all sealed up. We attempted to keep some of the water out with various tarpolens but it didn't really work.

You can see below there used to be a bit of a railing on the roof of the proch. It almost made it look ike a balcony but there is no way to get onto the roof unless you climb a ladder so it seemed a bit pointless. When the roof was rebuilt we added detailing to make it fit in with the bay instead.

Excuse the mess in the foreground.....the picture below shows the new porch roof. Obviously it still needs painted and the pillars that hold the roof up are still to be finished off and put in place.

On the top, the roof used to look like this......

But now we've got a lovely clean looking roof thats even got a fall on it to make the water run off!

The roof of the bay is looking all smart too.....

And out the back there was one small section of roof that still needed re-done as well.

Below is a picture from ages ago showing the roof. It wasn't even tiled before, it just had some sort of rubbish felt stuff. The picture was taken when the joists of the flat roof extension were still there - so things are pretty different now.

We used the tiles that were left over from part of the other extension that got knocked down, so now its looking great!

Inside all the hundreds of wires are starting to have some sort of order too. Hopefully next week we can finally turn the lights on!

The architrave and skirting have also started to be fitted up the strairs and the window ledges fitted so that room (which will be the studio for all the workshops and events) is getting close to being finished (apart from decorating of course!).

Ayaz has managed to strip some more of the wooden A-frames too. I think they are going to come up really lovely!

On the agenda next week....

Hopefully the floor down the stairs will get layed. There are so many layers to it though so we'll only be able to make a start. We have to put sand down first to make sure its all completely level, then membrane then the big huge thick insulation boards again, then another membrane, then the underfloor heating pipes, then a concrete skreed and then finally on top of that will go the final floor covering.

More of the carpentery should be getting finished off as well.

We've got more windows on order too that will go in the upstaris room. We wanted to try and keep the original windows there but for various reasons it's not going to work so they will all be replaced. It'll mean we've got double glazing everywhere which is great as the place will be kept nice and warm. They will still be leaded so it will still preserve to look and character of the building.

The front garden area will also get cleared up a bit too. We had to dig a trench to lay new pipes for the utilities so its all a bit messy and hectic there at the moment.

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