Our Grand Opening Party!

Wow! What a day we had yesterday! After a long hard year of renovating our shop premises we finally opened the doors to our bricks and mortar shop!

It has been such a hectic week getting all the final prepeartions together! Very long days, lots of rushing around, last minute decisions and probelms to fix, touching up paint work, receiving deliveries almost by the minute, setting up the coffee bar, finally getting the furniture for the studio...this list goes on!

After a huge team effort from all my family, friends and new members of staff we pulled everything together and I'm so happy that the day went so well! I've had so many lovely comments, emails, tweets and messages from people who came along and I can't thank everyone enough for all their support!

The day kicked off at 10.30am when Ayaz gave a little speech to an egar crowd that had gathered outside. Then we cut the ribbon and welcomed everyone in!

We had visitors from all over country and I was so flattered that so many people had made such and effort to come. A lovely family drove all the way from Devon to surprise their daughter for her 12th Birthday! And lovely couple had flown down from Edinburgh especially to come too! We also had people from Manchester, London, Flint and of course so many lovely local people from Moseley, Kings Heath, Harbourne, Hall Green, City centre and I'm sure many more places across the midlands too!

Luckily I had, had a chance to take some pictures of the shop the night before before the crowds came.....

This is our chill out area where you can hang out and have a cuppa!

Once we had cut the ribbon and opened the door, I could not believe the number of people that kept coming and kept coming! We had a solid queue down the street for at least a few hours and the the queue inside the shop was so long as well.

Here is a pic of everyone waving for twitter!

My friend Imogen, had made a gorgeous opening cake for me too! Soo sweet! It even had knitted strawberry laces and bunting and everything!

We had a constant stream of visitors all throughout the day, coming along to check out what we are all about and to have a look around the studio we have for workshops and classes.

There are so many people I was to thank, my family, friends, staff, customers, neighbours, and so many more...I can't do it here so I'm planning a special thank you blog post this week!

But in the mean time, me and Ayaz want to say a huge massive thank you to all our new customers who came to visit yesterday and who will come over the coming weeks. As Ayaz said in his little speech before we cut the ribbon, we are totally new to retail and just want to share our passion for being creative with everyone and we are so glad that so many people came to show support and start the journey with us!

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