How to widen the straps and add a gathered peplum to the True Bias Ogden Cami

Lauren’s hints and tips for customising this popular summery pattern

The True Bias Ogden Cami is one of my favourite summer top patterns. I’ve made loads over the years and can remember going on holiday a few years ago and have a different version for everyday of the holiday!

This year I wanted to make a different version of this classic pattern by widening the straps and adding a gathered peplum.

I often get asked what type of bra do you wear with this top? or what do you do about your bra straps? I don’t really bother about it and my bra straps do just show a bit, but if that has put you off making this top before, then in this video I’ll show you how you can really easily widen the straps.

I wanted to use one of the new Atelier Brunette viscose fabrics and these lightweight floaty fabrics look so lovely in gathers, so I decided to add on a gathered peplum tier as well. It’s an easy adaption to make and I’ll show you how to do that too.

Check out my latest Youtube video for full instructions

Details of the adaptions I made

For widening the straps

  • I used the same strap pattern piece that comes as standard with the pattern but instead, I cut out two for each strap and stitched them together along the long edges.
  • You could make it wider that that if you wanted to though, the strap is just a rectangle so its easy to just change the dimensions of it

For adding the peplum

  • I made the size 4. I tried on an original version of the pattern and measured down from under the arm to where I wanted the peplum to start at my natural waist line. You could choose any level you wanted it to start though.
  • For me this measurement was 23cm. I then added an additional 1cm for seam allowance under that.
  • Follow the curve of the hem line as you mark this is. It's easier to measure up from the bottom once you know the location of the line from the side seam.
  • To get the height dimension of the peplum I measured from the new seam line that I drew on to the bottom hem line. I then added 1cm for seam allowance. For me this measurement was 17cm.
  • To get the width dimension of the peplum, I measured the length of the new seam line that I drew in. For me this was 26cm. I then doubled this measurement and cut out that rectangle of 17cm x 26cm on the fold.
  • Cut out one rectangle for the front and one for the back.
  • You could make the peplum more or less gathered by adjusting the width of the peplum.

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