Lauren's Guide to non-maternity sewing patterns for a handmade pregnancy wardrobe

Pattern and fabrics pairings of regular sewing patterns that are versatile for wearing during pregnancy

In this weeks post I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been sewing and wearing during this pregnancy. I’ll focus mainly on non-maternity specific sewing patterns that, for me, are versatile enough to still accommodate my changing size without any adjustments to the pattern. In my last pregnancy I made quite a few maternity specific things and although I did wear them during my pregnancy, I really didn’t feel like wearing them afterwards, which kinda seemed a shame. So my thinking is that if they are not maternity specific patterns then I’ll get more wear out of the garments long term. I could be getting it all wrong, and still not want to wear them afterwards anyway - I’ll let you know when I get there!

I’ve been chatting about them all in my latest Youtube video which you can see here, or read on and click on the highlighted text to see the product listings for the pattern/fabrics that I mention!


Closet Case patterns kalle shirt

This is one of my most made patterns of all time and luckily the various versions I have are still totally wearable, I just need to wear a vest top underneath! The garment is designed to be pretty loose fitting anyway and has a lovely big pleat at the centre back which allows for lots of extra growth! I’ve got some over bump maternity jeans that are RTW and a few basic vest tops that I tend to wear them with, which are also RTW.

True bias roscoe blouse

I decided to make this as a beach cover up for holiday but I think it looks nice worn with a vest top underneath too. It’s super loose fitted and baggy anyway, from looking around online I think quite a few people have sized down when making it so I’d take a look at the finished measurements and see what size you want more based on that. To add a bit more shape to it, I made a narrow tie and stitched it into the side seams to be tied at the back. I placed mine quite high to be over the bump.

The fabric I used was the new Atelier Brunette cotton crepe fabric but I think it would also be really lovely in a viscose fabric too!

True bias ogden cami

This is another pattern that I have made a LOT and have many versions already. It’s more fitted over the upper bust but then falls into an a-line shape so at the moment for me still have room for my tummy!

Pictured below left it is a cotton double gauze version that holds its' shape a bit more, so depending on the angle you can't see the bump much at all. The version pictured below right I've used a viscose linen mix so it floats and moves around more.

Closet case patterns ebony tee

This is another pattern that I have about 3 or 4 versions of. I like the cropped version but have lengthened it by about 5cm. Its a very swingy swooshy jersey top that is fitted over the bust and then has a flared hemline so perfect for fitting around a bump. It looks great in a modal or viscose jersey that is going to drape. My favourite versions use some of our micro modal jersey, it’s really soft and silky so feels so comfortable to wear.

Closet Case Pattern Cielo Top

This lovely new simple top from the summer Rome collection is an easy-breezy take on a boxy tee and also has a dress version too. I made my regular size for Closetcase (which is a 6) and as you can see it still works with the bump as its cropped and loose fitting around the waist. I used the Atelier Brunette Moonstone viscose fabric for a drapier look and I know I'll get lots more wear out of this post pregnancy too once my high waisted jeans fit me again.


Megan Neilsen virginia leggings

These have been a great quick make! Version two on the pattern has a low rise so although not designed specifically for pregnancy, it's great as an under bump leggings. I made mine using some of our loopback modal jersey and they feel amazing to wear. Great for longer tops, tunics and dresses. In this picture I’m wearing it with my Grainline uniform tunic which still fits at 22 weeks pregnant.

Sew House Seven Burnside bibs

I would say this pattern isn’t my normal style but I’ve actually really, really loved wearing them so far. I went for version two of the pattern, which is looser around the hips and is more gathered at the back over the bum with the long ties of the overalls. My thinking was that as my tummy got bigger that excess at the back would just get taken up and the bib at the front would sit a bit lower. I know they won’t last me till the very end - you’d have to make some big adjustments to the pattern for that - but as they are just a regular version of the pattern I’ll easily be able to wear them post pregnancy. For my version I used some of our navy tencel twill fabric.

Closet case patterns sallie jumpsuit

This is another make that I already had pre-pregnancy and as it’s made from jersey and has an elasticated waist, it’s still lasted my pretty far into my pregnancy. I made mine using some of our modal jersey so it’s another one that is super comfy to wear!


I have to admit, I’m not a huge dress wearer anyway on a day to day basis so I don’t have as many dresses that I’ve already made, but see my list below for other ideas!

True bias Ogden maternity adaptation

A month or so ago I had two weddings to go to within the space of a week so I decided to make a dress for them! Pulling on an old faithful pattern, the True Bias ogden cami, I decided to turn it into a dress. For this version I lengthened the pattern keeping it pretty much the same width as the bottom of the bodice and then I did actually do a maternity pattern adaption. I can’t find the exact tutorial I used now but this one looks really similar to what I did. I used some of the Liberty silk crepe de chine that we had in the shop (sorry sold out now but any viscose or rayon fabric would give the same effect) and I did toile it to check first as I hadn’t done this type of adaptation before. I also made a little tie belt and sewed in some thread loops to hold the belt in place above my bump.

Named patterns keilo wrap dress

This pattern has been around for a while and I've seen so many gorgeous versions of it over the years on blogs and instagram. It's a kinda unusual shaped wrap dress, which you can wrap to the front or to the back. Due to the wide shape at the waist where the ties come out it means there will always be plenty room for a growing bump and it just means that you would wrap it round less as the bump gets bigger. The ties are really long, actually a little too for me but at least I know it will always fit, even when I'm much bigger.

I prefer wrapping mine towards the back so there is less fabric over my tummy and it feels so soft and comfy made up is some of our navy modal jersey fabric.

True bias Southport dress

This is another garment that is fairly loose fitted and then given shape by a waist tie. It was one of the garments from our g&g Sewing Society boxes for June so the version I made was a straight up size but with the waist tie pulled a bit higher, making the bodice section a bit more blousy, it fits round my bump nicely. It does make the skirt a bit shorter so either you could lengthen it or wear with leggings if you would feel more comfortable. I used a cotton/linen blend fabric (a bit like this one) but the pattern is great for lots of different fabrics and I think it would look really nice in a floaty viscose or rayon too.

Other garments that I think would be great non-maternity maternity patterns to try

I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to make all these things but I hope they give you some ideas if you are looking for more non-maternity inspiration!

True Bias Hudson pants
Pauline Alice Vera Shirt
Grainline Hadley top
Deer and Doe Myosotis dress
Closet Case Charlie caftan
Grainline Farrow dress
Grainline Alder shirt dress (version 2)


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