Hacked Grainline Lark Tee

with a back pleat

I’ve been really loving my jersey tops over the last few months for obvious reasons (you can read about my Agnes Top maternity adaption’s in my two previous posts - see the links at the bottom).

For a bit of variety I wanted to try something different that was still just as comfy and had been inspired by a RTW (Ready to Wear) jumper that I bought in the Anthropologie sale a while back. It has a back panel insert in it making it wide and a-line shaped towards the hem.

I choose the Grainline Lark Tee pattern and this amazing cotton jersey in a smokey marl blue colour. I love this fabric and the quality of it so much! It’s more of a medium weight but not too stiff and still drapes and moves perfectly for the style that I wanted. It’s also amazingly soft and thick enough that when it stretches it doesn’t go thin and that almost transparent way that some light weight t-shirt jerseys can do.

The style of the Lark is quite fitted at the waist and hips and it’s also pretty long as well – for me anyway. I altered the pattern by choosing a size based on my bust measurement and then merging out 2 sizes bigger towards the hips and straightening out the waistline curve to create the a-line shape. I then shortened it by 4 inches too so it was more similar to my RTW one.

Then when it came to cutting out, I placed the centre back edge of the pattern piece 2 inches away from the fold and marked that point, along with the centre point with a little snip.

Sewing the pleat in place is really easy. Just sew from the neckline straight down with right sides of the fabric facing – sewing 2 inches away from the centre back fold. I continued to sew until I was level with the bottom of the armhole curve.

Then, with the wrong side of the fabric facing you, press the pleat flat, lining up the centre point with the stitch line of the pleat and baste along the top edge.

I then used wonder tape to hold the pleat in place before top stitching a triangle at the bottom of the pleat. Do this with the right side of the fabric facing you as it will look more neat and even. I measured and marked 2cm out to the side and upwards from the bottom of the pleat to get an even triangle.

Then just continue construction of the top in the same way as you normally would and follow the instructions. Adding the pleat is a really easy addition to any type of t-shirt pattern.

It would work on the Agnes and Sewaholic Renfrew and even a sweatshirt pattern like the Linden – if you wanted to make a more boxy version.

It rides a bit high at the front right now with my bump in the way – but the plan is that I’ll wear it over one of those breastfeeding tank tops and as the top is loose enough, I’ll easily be able to lift it up to allow Baby G access!

I really really love this top and think I will appreciate the relaxed fit while my bump recedes post birth.

I’ve got this gorgeous blush pink jersey with little birds on it pre-washing. It’s a really quick make so hopefully I’ll have time to get it together. I’ve listed some of my other top picks that would be great for this project too….

Happy Sewing! x

Image credit to Victoria Beddoes Photography

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