Twin Set Wood Pin Magnet And Pressing Clapper

This Twin Set Wood Pin Magnet And Pressing Clapper is the perfect gift for a sewing lover!

Designed and made exclusively for g&g here in Birmingham by MJM Bespoke from sustainably sourced European beechwood, these items have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably round the palm of your hand with soft, rounded edges, and finger grooves for easy use.

For that special touch, each item has been stamped with g&g heat press on the side.

Each set comes gift wrapped in recyclable packaging with honeycomb paper wrap for extra protection.

About this product

The wooden pin magnet has an (up to) 8.9kg magnet set into the wood at a specific calculated depth to get the right balance between attracting your pins and being able to pick them off with ease.

Pin Magnet dimensions : width 9cm, length 9cm, height 3cm approx.

Please note - Pins are NOT included. See linked products below for our selection of pins.

Use the wooden clapper for slick, professional looking flat seams when pressing more bulky fabric like wool and denim. To see it in use follow this link to Laurens Youtube video.

Wooden Clapper dimensions : width 8cm, length 24cm, height 4cm.

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