SneakerKit - Make Your Own Shoes - Black Soles

Complete your handmade wardrobe with your very own pair of hand stitched, leather or canvas trainers!

This kit includes:

  • A pair of new-style SneakerKit black rubber soles* and insoles in your chosen size (sizes are unisex)
  • Black waxed cotton thread
  • Long leather needle
  • Templates for the 3 in 1 design

*images of white soles are for demonstration of the different styles you can achieve.

Further templates, patterns, and instructions can be found on the SneakerKit website here. The pattern offers four different variations: low top, high top, and two summer options.

The new-style soles come with several features which make them easier and quicker to make then ever before! The stitching holes are now pre-punched into the soles meaning there is no longer the need to mark all the holes and then punch them. A second stitching line at the "bending point" adds durability whilst a 50% thicker edge prevents tearing. A raised heel area adds support and means that each shoe is now only made of two pieces, rather than three. Again, this saves time, whilst also helping the upper keep it's shape.

Many of these improvements also help increase the comfort of the trainers. There are fewer overlapping pieces which can rub and the outer sole is thicker. The insoles offer more arch support, with extra cushioning at the front and back. They are more durable and fit perfectly within the outer sole, whilst also having a microfibre top layer which is fundamental in moisture control. The soles are made from 60% natural rubber and avoid the use of glue - simply undo the stitching and replace the sole or upper as required over the years.

Soles are based on EU sizes, however, they are unique to SneakerKit so we recommend that you check the size chart in the image gallery to help you choose a size.

Please note, to make your trainers you will require a set of pliers that can punch 1.5mm holes. These are not included in the kit, but can be purchased separately here: SneakerKit MultiPlier

Fabric or leather to make your trainers is not included with this kit and must be purchased separately.

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