Sneakerkit Leather Honeycomb Orange and Teal

This gorgeous Italian leather is suitable for use with the Sneakerkit soles to make your own pair of sneakers.

There is enough leather to make all up to a size EU 39 using the low top style (as pictured for illustrative purposes) with the tongue section made from the teal colour and the side sections using the honeycomb orange colour.

The honeycomb leather is a little lighter in thickness than the solid orange colour and depending on the size and style you are making, would benefit from some additional support using a lining fabric with interfacing or thinner leather lining.

Pattern pieces should be placed carefully, ensuring that the templates that come with the Sneakerkit soles are flipped over so that a left and a right foot are cut out. Pattern pieces should be positioned as closely together as possible to maximise the leather.

Each leather piece has been checked to ensure that the outward facing side is free from blemishes but the underneath side may have some subtle marks or stamps.

Due to the natural nature of leather, inconsistencies in texture are normal and part of the character of the leather.

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