Prym Ergonomics Knitting Pins 35cm

New innovative, ergonomic knitting pins from Prym, they have completely redesigned the knitting needle – its material, shape, functions, ergonomics ... in short: a new experience of knitting. The prym ergonomic needles are made of a smoothly polished high-performance synthetic material that‘s especially light and flexible, immediately warm to the hand and very quiet to use. In neutral alabaster white, the needles effectively set off wool in any colour.

The new drop-shaped needle points help to pick up and guide the yarn safely and smoothly. These hook tips make it easy for beginners to get started and enable the experienced knitter to work swiftly and very quietly.

The stitches are formed on the round part of the needle that follows the tapered tip and slip readily onto the triangular shape of the shaft. Thanks to the morphing body the stitches glide easily with no snagging, resulting in more effortless knitting without having to push the stitches along.

The ingeniously designed click heads keep pairs of needles together and work as stitch stoppers to help secure the knitting.