Megan Nielsen River Dress Sewing Pattern

Reversible raglan dress or top that can be made in woven or knit fabrics. The pattern features a loose fit, optional pockets and a waist tie, as well as top and dress options. It can be worn with the 'V' neck or the round neck side at the front.

Version 1 is a reversible knit dress. Version 2 is a reversible woven dress with pockets and fabric belt. Version 3 is a reversible knit top in a modern crop length. Version 4 is a reversible woven blouse in a modern crop length.


Size Range
Woven fabrics ideal for Versions 2 & 4: light to medium weight cotton, wool, linen, denim, chambray, viscose, crepe. Knit fabrics with little stretch is ideal for Versions 1 & 3: stable knits such as ponte, scuba, neoprene or double knits.
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