Nani Iro Waltz Cotton Double Gauze Fabric

This playful Nani Iro Waltz Double Gauze Fabric is from the latest Nani Iro 2020 collection.

"It’s a start of life in the countryside. Flowers are blooming…
In the season of blossoms, there is stunning, wonderful scenery
when smells, colours, and petals open up one after another and start to dance.
I draw it boldly with coloured pencils and let my joy lead."

A vibrant array of joyful brightly coloured flowers on a contrasting soft cream background, this double gauze fabric is super soft and breathable.


110cm / 43"
Cotton 100%
Recommended uses
Perfect for dressmaking, this would make a "one of a kind" top or dress.
Thread colour match
Gutermann Sew All Shade 802
£22.00 £15.40 per metre
  • Metres Sold in 10cm increments

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