Liberty Painters Meadow A Murray Loopback Cotton Jersey Fabric

This print by Liberty Fabrics is a large scale version of Small Painter’s Meadow, inspired by an artist’s daydream of an English meadow. Thick paint and a free hand combine to create an idyllic countryside full of rich, coloured flowers and expressive textures. Violet, cerise and sunshine yellow come together beautifully against a blue-black background.

With a slight element of stretch, this fabric feels soft to the touch and is very cosy.


Stretch Qualities
15% two-way stretch
160cm / 62"
Cotton 100%
Recommended uses
Perfect for dressmaking, this would make a lovely jumper.
Thread colour match
Gutermann Sew All Thread 665
£24.00per metre
  • MetresSold in 10cm increments

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