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Blemished Cream Viscose Blended Knit Fabric

This Cream Viscose Blended Knit Fabric comes in a lovely creamy toned colour. The brushed surface gives a cosy feel, and it has great stretch and recovery making it comfortable to wear. Please note that this fabric has a lofty surface, making it slightly textured.

Please note: This fabric is blemished due to dye faults throughout the bolt. There are some pink and yellow coloured marks on parts of the fabric, making it blemished. As a result of these imperfections, we have reduced this fabric accordingly and therefore it is not returnable on the basis of this fault. Please see pictures for reference. If you have any questions about the faults in the specific pieces, please give us a ring on 0121 449 8419 and a member of the team will be able to help you.

157cm / 61"
Recommended uses
Ideal for dressmaking, this would make a beautifully soft jumper or cardigan.
Recommended needle
Prym Machine Jersey Needles
Viscose 42%
Polyester 39%
Polyamide 19%
Care instructions
Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Iron on a low heat
320 g/m²
Stretch qualities
2 way stretch

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