Blemished Cone Mill 12oz Indigo Stretch Selvedge Denim Fabric - Bolt End Pieces

This 12oz Cone Mill Indigo stretch selvedge denim is renowned for it's superior quality and in particular for it's special 'S-gene' spandex - believed to be the best for comfort and recovery, making baggy knees a thing of the past! The denim comes in a raw form and will naturally fade and develop character and wear in over time.

Please note the narrow width of this selvedge denim!

Please note - These bolt ends are blemished due to faults within the fabric. There are white chalk-looking marks across the pieces of denim, spread across the width and length. As a result of the imperfections, we have reduced these bolt ends accordingly and therefore are not returnable on the basis of this fault. Please see pictures for reference. If you have any questions about the faults in these pieces, please give us a ring on 0121 449 8419 and a member of the team will be able to help you.

87% cotton
11% polyester
2% S-gene spandex