Additional Binding for Hovea Kit

This product is available for purchase to customers who are ordering the g&g Sewing Society Hovea Jacket Kit.

This additional amount of binding will ensure that you have enough to make view B or view F, which has external binding around the hem, front edges, neckline and sleeve hems.

As standard, the kit itself includes enough binding to bind all of the internal seam allowances.

This binding is made from exactly the same fabric as the quilted fabric and is therefore water-repellent as well. It has been cut and heat set by specialised machines, in Denmark.

Depending on what size you are making you will need a different length of binding. The options below show the top size that that binding bundle covers. The bundles for up to size 20 include 5.5 metres of binding and the bundles for up to size 34 include 6.6 metres.

The regular price of this specialised binding is £3.90/m but as a product specifically linked to the kits we are able to offer this at a 20% discount when purchasing it with a kit.

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