Additional A0 Pattern Print Out For Marie Shirt Kit

This product is available for purchase to customers who are ordering the g&g Sewing Society Marie Shirt Kit.

As there is a split in the size ranges of the A0 PDF files of the Marie Shirt pattern, your measurements may fall across the size ranges. This product will allow you to receive an additional A0 print out of another size range along with your kit.

About this product

The full size range of this pattern is UK 2-38. This covers bust range is 30"-65", waist 23"-60" and hips 33"-67".

The A0 PDF pattern print outs are split into 3 size bands. Included in the price of your kit is one of the following options. You can select which one you would prefer as you order your kit.

If you would also like another range of sizes printed out, please select from the drop down which one you would prefer.

  • UK 2-12 This is drafted for a dressmakers B-cup covering Bust 30" - 35", waist 23" - 28" and hips 33" 38"
  • UK 14-24 This is drafted for a dressmakers B-cup covering Bust 37" - 51", waist 30" - 44" and hips 40" - 54"
  • UK 16-38 This is drafted for a dressmakers D-cup covering Bust 40" - 65", waist 35" - 60" and hips 42" - 67"

Dressmakers cup sizing is different to bra sizing. For more information on calculating your dressmakers cup size, please read this article or follow the link at the bottom of this listing.

If you are spanning the B-cup size range around the size 12-14 range we recommend that you have the A0 PDF print out for BOTH of the B-cup size ranges (UK2-12 and UK 14-24).

We are not able to combine separate orders of goods after your kit order has been placed, so the normal postage charges will apply if you order this product after completing your order for a kit.

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