Kalle Skirt

Originally released alongside the Sewing Society Kit in June 2019, this video contains exclusive tips and tricks for making a Closet Core patterns Kalle shirt or shirt dress.

This video is perfect if you already own a copy of the Kalle sewing pattern and the supplies to make it but would like some helpful guidance on sewing it up!

This video doesn't replace the instructions that come with the pattern, instead Lauren shares her personal hints and tips that she finds useful to help you make a lovely garment.

In the 16 minute video Lauren covers sewing various aspects of the garment construction including how to create the hidden placket version, how to get smooth rounded corners on the patch pockets, how to do the burrito method for attaching the back yokes, how to add an extra button hole and finish things off neatly on the inside when doing the hidden placket and cropped version the the hem facing and how to use a bias finish on the hem of the dress.

Once your order has completed the link to the video will be emailed to you automatically within a few minutes.

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