Why stop at garments? Make your own espadrilles!

Blog / 19 June 2014

I can’t say making my own shoes is something that I’d really though about before, but this summer Prym have brought out a range of notions all about making your own espadrilles!

The main ‘notion’ being the soles, in lot’s different sizes (link here). So all you have to do it sew or crochet the top part of the shoe and hey presto! You’ve taken your handmade outfit one step further (pardon the pun!)

Not wanting to be left out of the latest craze I had to have a go myself!
In each pack of soles (that come in regular shoe sizes, 4,5,6,7 etc) you also get a pattern for the front and back section of the shoe.

Prym have put really good clear instructions on their website (link here) but here is how I got on with my attempt!

The first step is to cut out or trace your pattern. Learn from my mistakes….the pattern DOES NOT include seam allowances!! So make sure you add that one when you trace, or when you cut out. 

I made mine from a medium weight cotton fabric (I chose this sevenberry one) and strengthened it a bit with some interfacing. For the lining I used some lightweight cotton lawn.

You just sew the sections together, right sides facing, and leave a little gap to turn it inside out. I was a bit lazy and didn’t sew this part closed afterwards. I just made sure I left the gap in an edge that would then be stitched onto the sole.

For the back section of the shoe I decided to add a little bit of elastic to help it stay on my foot better. I just stretched it across the centre point at the top edge and used a zig zag stitch to secure it before I attached the outer fabric to the lining.

Sewing the fabric sections to the sole was a bit tough, I’d highly recommend a thimble and you’ll need a good strong sharp leather needle too.
I used Coats Extra Strong Polyester Thread to sew it on which is strong enough without being too chunky.

My other tip is when you pin the fabric to the sole, make sure you angle the pins inwards toward the sole, otherwise you’ll end up using your hands like a pin cushion!

I used a blanket stitch to secure everything in place. Then once the front and back sections were on I stitched the side seams. You just have to make sure they stay overlapped at this point, otherwise the shoe ends up being a bit loose.

It is surprisingly really really comfy! 

I started having so many ideas while making them. You could do a peep toe version...or leave off the back section so they are more like flip flops, ah...all the different fabric you could use! And that's not even starting on the crochet ones! 

What do you guys think? Fancy making a pair?