Tutorial - Easy Peasy Placement with Delilah Fabrics

Blog / 13 July 2012

As summer is yet to arrive in Birmingham and the rain continues to pour down, the 'Summer' Garden Party I had planned for last weekend had to be moved in doors. 

In an attempt to still have a garden vibe going on, I bought loads of flowers and filled the living room and the kitchen with them.


Then I thought it would be a great idea to add even more floweryness by making some placements to decorate my coffee table, but use them almost like a table runner. I had enough left over to make mini bunting too!

There were so simple and easy to make so why not give it a try!? Here's the full insructions with easy to follow pictures too.

For 4 place mats (with plenty left overs for bunting) you will need:

Step one

Cut out your fabric pieces -  two rectangles measuring 10cm by 30cm and one rectagnle measuring 26cm by 30cm for the front and one rectangle 40cm by 30cm for the back panel. This allows for 1-1.5cm seam allowance. 

You will also need two lengths of ric rac measuring 30cm (this is optional).


Step two

Stitch the ric rac on in place allong the 30cm edge of the side panels. Try to stitch off to the raw edge slightly as shown in the photo. This will make keep it place and make this look a little neater. 

Step three

Now align the centre panel along the edge of the side panel and pin in place with the right sides together. I usually insert the pins at right angles to the line of stitching as it seems to make things a little easier. Make sure you place your pins so that you can see your previous line of stitching. You need to be able to see it as it will guide the next line of stitching you do. 

Step Four

Now stitch to the left of your previous line of stitching. So on the side of the previous stitching line opposite to the raw edge. This will mean you don't see your first line of stitching from the right side. 

Step Five

Finish off the raw edge next. Use an overlocker (if you have one). I just used a zig zag stitch then trimmed the seams down. 

Step Six

Now press the panels open with the ric rac pointing out towards the side. 

Step Seven

Next top stitch over the middle panel to hold the ric rac  in place and to give a neat finish. 

Step Eight

Now place the front and back panels with right sides together and pin in place. 

Step Nine

Stitch all the way around the placemat. When you get to the corners, keep the needle down so its through the fabric, then left up the foot of your machine and turn the fabric 90 degrees to get a sharp corner. Make sure you leave a 2-3 inch gap in one of the sides so you can turn it the right way out. Black line shows where a gap in the stitching line was created. 

Step Ten

Grade the seam allowances and snip the corners as shown below. 

Step Eleven

Turn your place mat the right way out and press the seams open. Next top stitch along close to the outer edge. This will also seal the gap you left to allow the placement to be turned the right way out. And your done!

Repeat the process 3 times more using different combinations of fabric.



Here they are on my table. I ended up having so much food you couldn't see them too much...but I knew they were there! 


Here's to the sun coming out soon!