The Secrets Of Sewing Lingerie - Book Review

Blog / 2 February 2015

Today I’m really excited to share a book review with you that I have been asked to do by the very lovely Katherine and Laura. Their new book, The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie (published by Kyle Books), has been taking the sewing world by storm!

I’ve made quite a lot of clothes in the past few years, too many really, more than I can even get decent wear from, but sewing my own undies in something I’ve never really thought seriously about…..until now!

This is a really beautiful book that really gets across the fine delicate detail that you can get the projects like lingerie.

The first section is packed full of useful information on types of fabrics that you might not be as familiar with, like ‘powermesh’. There is a complete guide to measuring yourself, the low down on gussets, advice about caring for your new pretties and advice on seam allowances. They use inky dinky 5mm ones, which will be quite a change if your used to a generous 15mm one that’s used in a lot of garment making.

One of my favourite projects are the ‘Pretty as a PicNic Cotton Mini’s’. They are the first full project in the book and a great place to start on your lingerie adventure. I've got one of our new Liberty Lawns lined up for this project! 

Each step is explained in plenty of detail and the colour illustrations make things really easy to understand. Attaching elastic can be tricky and I like they way they have clearly shown how to place key pins to help spread the stretch of the elastic around the edge of the fabric.

In the ‘Knickers’ section there are lots of ideas for customisation and adding embroidery like in these ‘Forget-Me-Knot Embroidered Tulle Minis’.

Before you construct them, you mark out and sew some simple embroidery stitches onto the tulle, which I think gives such a lovely effect.

Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, this ‘Baby Cakes Tule Bra & Mini’ looks so lovely.

There are quite a lot of hand sewing finishes in all the projects, but fear not, there is a brilliant section all about different stitches and techniques at the back to keep you straight. 

I hope you guys are as inspired as I’ve been to give it a go. It’s a really lovely book to add to the Sewing Library.

I was kindly asked to review this book and given a free copy to do so but my words are completely honest and my own. You can find the book on the Kyle Books website here.