The Party Wear Blog Series

Glitzy glam sequin top

Blog / 6 November 2015

The Party has started! For the first week in my new Party Wear Blog Series it's all about the........

This sequin fabric is guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars and using it to make a really simple top is easier than you would think and just looks fantastic!

A simple style works best with this fabric so I’ve picked the Grainline Patterns Scout Tee.

The design of this top is very simple with just a front and back bodice with short sleeves and no darts or fastenings. It’s quite loose fitting but as the sequin fabric drapes and moves it works will with this top. You could opt to make it more fitted over the waist and hips by taking in the side seams a little - just make sure you leave enough ease to get it over your bust as there are no zips or fastenings.

If you did want some more shaping, over the bust for example, the gold version that I've made is the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress Pattern but I cropped it into a top and shortened the sleeves, which still works really well even with the darts - it has a nice boxy feel, but as the fabric drapes it doesn't feel stiff or anything.

Both patterns are not lined, but with the sequin fabric, you have to line it, as it would feel too uncomfortable directly next to your skin – see my top tips below for how to line it.

The light catches this fabric so well, especially the silver and the gold colour. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable in a full on dress made from this fabric but top seems much more do-able.
Its really quick to make – with very little shaping to deal with you can stitch it up in no time!

It's really easy to dress up or down too which makes the garment really versatile.

  • A pair of dark skinny jeans or black trousers for a smarter look
  • A plain pencil skirt for a more dressed up elegant look
  • Or dress it down like I have with some cords

We have got three lovely colours of the mini sequins.....Cool Silver, Matt Black and Champagne Gold.

We also have this beautiful Black Sheer Grid Sequin Fabric which would look amazing too!

For the lining something softer than the normal anti static linings makes it feel more luxurious - although they can work too. I used the ivory one for my silver version of the top. For the black sequins we have this Plain Black Viscose Fabric, and for the silver and gold sequins we have this nude coloured Crepe, or you could go for a cotton lawn.

All of these fabrics along with both the Ultimate Shift and Scout Tee Patterns have 10% off for the next week (valid until Thursday 12th November 2015)! Just click on the highlighted text above to see the fabric and add it to your bag, the discount has already been applied!

I would recommend handwashing your top in luke warm water with a mild detergent. I use the liquid handwash stuff that you can get in the supermarket and then squeeze it between a towel to get the excess water out - don't wring it out. Then lay a flat as you can over a clothes airer to dry.

Check out my top tips video to see the sequins in action!

  • I cut my sequins out using my normal dressmaking shears – if you are worried about them blunting then I find this handy little scissor sharpener really handy!
  • Look for a repeat in the sequins to get it on the straight grain – I know it sounds weird but once the fabric is lying out flat you will see subtle lines in the sequins – use as a guide to fold the fabric. You can also use the edge of where the sequins get stitched onto the fabric as a guide.
  • Mark your notches with a tailors tack rather than a snip, as the snip can blend in a get lost in the sequins
  • Use a brand new needle in the machine - I used size 80, and be prepared that it may break. It didn’t for me but there is always that chance.
  • Once you have sewn the seams, squish the seam allowances open with your fingers to help the sequins separate and flatten them. If you do feel the need to press, use a cool iron and a pressing cloth (or scrap of fabric) and test it first before pressing your top!
  • For the hem you can either top stitch it with the machine –the thread does blend in pretty well, or hand sew it in place using a catch stitch.
  • To line the top, just make two versions of it - one in sequins, one in lining fabric. sew them together at the neckline right sides togeter. Clip into the seam allowance and then either top stitcharound the neckline or understitch the lining to the seam allowance (so that the stitching is only visible on the inside of the garment).

We still have spaces left on our Sequin Party Top Workshop at the end of November - click here to see all the details!

Have fun partying with the sequins! Your house will be covered - I have warned you!

Use the #partywear and tag me @guthrieghani on social media so I can see what you have been making!

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Matthew and Theo at Ergo films for my top tips video!