The g&g 2019 Christmas Gift Guide
Sewing treats for your stocking

Blog / 27 November 2019

It's starting to feel festive around here with our gorgeous festive shop window display now in situ and a beautiful wreath hanging on the front door! Our late night shopping night and party is planned for next Thursday (5th December) and our annual festive bee (now sold out) is happening the week after. 

For those of you a bit too far away to visit the shop, here are my top present picks for you to add to your list this year - whether you are treating yourself or dropping hints to loved ones! 

We also offer two types of gift vouchers - one for spending in the shop and one for booking workshops. We can make them up in any amount you like so if you aren't sure which one to choose you can always divide the amount you'd like to spend over both types of voucher! Please call the shop to purchase these on 0121 449 8419

Iron like a pro

When it comes to sewing and dressmaking, a simple iron and ironing board will get you through but adding some extra tools and aids will have your seams looking crisper, sharper and more professional!

Our wooden pressing clappers have been handmade in Birmingham, just for us, by a local craftsman and are ideal when working with woollen or bulky fabrics like denim. You can find out more about how to use one in this video I made. 

The tailors ham and sleeve roll are super useful for helping to mould and create the 3D shape that garments have - no more pointy darts or puffy sleeve heads!

I've never looked back since I started using the Prym ironing board cover on my ironing board. It's printed measurement grid is great for pressing accurate seams and hems. 

Organise your notions

Keep all your sewing bits and pieces, from bobbins to needles and buttons, tidy and organised with these handy storage boxes!

Pimp up your pins

This fun magnetic bracelet is great for keeping a few pins to hand, especially if you are pinning a hem for a friend or working on a mannequin. 

I love my magnetic pin cushion, especially when pins end up all over the floor or scattered on your table - it picks them up quickly and easily!

To keep them sharp, these new fruity pin cushions also double up as fixing weights, and they have a special sand inside them that sharpens your pins, or needles - yay! 

Spruce up your sewing tools

Whether you have been sewing for a while or still building up your tool kit of sewing tools, there are always so many handy gadgets to help make the sewing process easier. 

I love the new colourway of the vario pliers and there are also now two different mixed colour variety boxes to choose from - metal jersey snaps and then the classic plastic coloursnaps but in a smaller size, which is great for kids and baby clothes. 

The fabric clips are great to use in place of pins when sewing with more bulky fabrics or when you don't want to mark the fabric with a pin hole. 

The turning set will make turning tubes of fabric inside out much easier - think straps, belts and waist ties!

Finally the starter kit is ideal if you are looking to start from scratch with your sewing tools or for someone just starting their sewing journey. It contains all the essentials in a handy storage box!

Personalise your projects

If you are planning on making any Christmas presents this year then our range of woven sew in labels from Kylie and the Machine will make the perfect finishing touch to your projects! They come in packs of 8 with lots of different designs and slogans to choose from!