Freshly Stitched

Special Liberty sweatshirt fabric
and a cosy Briar jumper

Blog / 3 February 2016

Today I’m really excited to be combining two of my favourite things – Liberty Fabric and cosy comfy jumpers!

There has been quite a few different sweatshirt/jumper patterns out over the past 6 months or so including the Grainline Linden, The Deer and Doe Ondee, The Sewaholic Fraser, The Seamwork Astoria and now back in print again, the Megan Neilsen Briar Sweater.

Regular readers might remember my Grainline Linden that I made last year – which I totally love and have worn to pieces!

Then, with some new Liberty Sweatshirt fabric on the horizon I wanted to check out the Briar – mostly because of its high rise curved hem version which I knew would cut above my bump meaning I wouldn’t need to make any adjustments – I just have to make sure I have a suitable long top for underneath!

I made mine using the Murry Loopback Fleece fabric in the grey and orange colour way of the Jody Design. I really love this print, its got all that Liberty vibe about it without being too chintzy and the white background makes it really fresh as well.

If you haven’t come across ‘Murry Loopback Fleece’ before then it’s a bit like a terry loopback and put simply looks like regular sweatshirt fabric from the front and on the back has all these little loops. It’s made from 100% cotton and has a four way stretch.

Onto the pattern and as I mentioned I choose the high rise curved hem version of the Megan Neilsen Briar

......but there is also a longer version too – also with a curved dipped hem at the back. And you can also choose between short or long sleeves. (There is also a kids 'Mini Briar' Pattern! Cute!)

It is designed to be loose fitting and I choose the small size. I found that the sleeves came up pretty long so I did an extra deep hem (about 3cm) as I like the look of deep hems anyway. Also when you are using thicker fabric like this one its better to have a larger hem than normal to prevent it rolling back.

I also found that the sleeves were a bit baggy towards to bottom for me so I just put the sweatshirt on inside out and pinned it in a bit and re-stitched the seam. I would say it’s not worth adjusting what you cut out to account for this. Just follow the pattern and then try it on to see what its like. Things might vary depending on the fabric that you are using – and you might want them loose and baggy anyway.

If you fancy joining the Liberty Sweatshirt gang, then we have a special once off limited amount of some gorgeous Liberty sweatshirt prints.

Some are available to buy by the half meter (or your preferred amount over the phone or in store) and some are available to buy as a specific amount, for example 1.5m or 2m.

We've got the colourful Annas Garden Print in Linford Fleece (Now Sold Out)

The fresh and bright April Showers Print in Murry Loopback (Now Sold Out).

The lovely pastal shades of the Garden Wonderland Print in Murry Loopback.

The bright and vibrant watercolour flowers of the Gleeson Print in Murry Loopback.

The lovely deep colours of the classic Wiltshire Print in Linford Fleece (Now Sold Out).

The pretty geometric Poppys Patchwork Print in Murry Loopback.

And finally the lovely Jody print that I used for my jumper.

Liberty Fleece normally sells for £39.95 but for this special collection of fabric we are selling it for just £24.50 a meter!

Just click on the highlighted text or the fabric image to see the listing for that fabric to add it to your basket. Or see the whole range together in the 'Just Arrived' Section.