Sewing projects to support the NHS and care workers
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Blog / 22 April 2020

I've been really impressed at the effort of our sewing community in making all sorts of items from scrubs to ear savers to help support our amazing NHS and care workers during these challenging times.

I wanted to share the projects here that I have been made aware of by people emailing or contacting me on social media. Although I am not involved with them directly, I still wanted to have a place that I can share the details for those who feel they are in a position to contribute in whatever way they can.

I am more than happy to continue to add to this list so if you have a project you'd like me to share, please email the details to

South Birmingham Scrub Hub

Organised by Marcelle Porteous, this group are making scrubs, drawstring bags and ear savers.

Link to their go fund me page is

You can also follow their efforts on Instagram @brumscrubs and on Facebook Scrub Hub South Birmingham

Free Scrubs patterns

There are many free scrubs patterns out there at the moment! Please let me know if you know of any others.

This one is from a Print Room in Reading

Masked Heros

Masked Heroes a nationwide community-led initiative, launched to encourage people to make face masks using CDC (Centre for Disease Control) approved instructions and importantly to connect people who make masks to individuals and organisations in their community who need them.

Those who want to donate home-made or medical masks can find and connect to individuals or organisations in their communities who need masks using the Masked Heroes map.

Find out more on their website - tap this link.

For the love of Scrubs

This spans nation wide and there are regional groups. Lesley who is part of the g&g team has been contributing to the Birmingham and west midlands regional group. She's made lots of scrubs already and thinks its nice that you know before hand what ward or site you are making it for.

Here is the link to their main facebook page - tap here.

Free scrubs patterns

There are several free scrubs patterns now available too that you can download and print from home

Sew Different

Sew Me Something