Pattern Club Review

Grainline Linden Sweatshirt

Blog / 13 March 2015

I really love my new cosy Linden sweatshirt and I see a quite a few of these cosy tops in my future - you know I like to stay warm! It's such a great simple and quick wardrobe basic to have.

Here are all the details of my Pattern Review!

  • Name/type of garment - Linden Sweat Shirt
  • Pattern Company - Grainline
  • Price - £14
  • Size range offered - UK 4-22
  • Style of the garment - A loose fitting boxy sweatshirt, with raglan sleeves, great for layering.

What type of figure or body shape is it suitable for?

I think it is suitable for any body shape. If someone is more conscious about their tummy or like looser fitting garments over that area then they can make the non cuffed version and the boxy style of the garment will skim over the body.

What type of fabrics are suitable?

Sweatshirt fabrics that have a bit of stretch and are very stable.

What fabric did you choose and why?

I choose this floral fleeced back sweatshirt print as I wanted it to be really soft and cosy on the inside but still look more like a nice top than a slack sporty sweater.

We have a few other types of sweatshirt fabric at the moment too that would be perfect.

This delicate Pink Pastel Floral Ditsy Print - it is sooooo soft on the inside!

The same print as I used but in this super hot pink colourway....

or for something more subtle, these flecked cream and navy sweatshirt type fabrics are really gorgeous too!

How easy was it to trace the pattern?

Really easy, only 4 pattern pieces or 6 for the cuffed version. I made the non-cuffed version so I just had to hem the sleeves and bottom hem.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Did the difficulty level on the pattern match what you think it should be?

I thought the instructions were really easy to follow. It’s rated as a beginner and I would say this is correct, if you have made simple garments before.

Where the illustrations/pictures easy to interpret?

Yeh really easy.

What challenges or difficulties did you find when putting it together?

As my fabric didn’t really have much stretch in it at all and I was using the same fabric for the neckband, the piece I cut out was way too tight. If I’d used it, I wouldn’t have been able to get the sweatshirt over my head. The other option would have been to use ribbed fabric which has a much greater stretch to it but I wanted to use the same one, and it’s really hard to find nice ribbed fabric.

What tips would you recommend to make construction easier?

I used an over locker, which meant the smaller seam allowance was really easy to deal with. If you are a total beginner to sewing with narrower seams and your using a regular machine, you might want to consider allowing for a bigger seam allowance when cutting out, then trimming it back afterwards.

How did you find the fit? Was it true to size?

The fit was great, I didn’t want it too baggy and if I had gone with accommodating my waist measurement into what size it said I should be it would be been a bit too loose for me. I think that’s down to personal taste though.

What adjustments did you make?

I made the sleeves about 4 inches longer and hemmed them by folding back 1” and using a double needle. If I was adding a cuff in the same fabric I’m sure I would have had the same problem of the pattern piece being too tight.

To adjust the neckband to size, I measured the length of the neck opening and cut out a strip that was the same as this length. When I joined it into a loop and sized it up against the opening, it then looked too big and like it might stand straight up once I was wearing it.

To figure out how much to cut it down by I just held it in place at once point then stretched the band round the neck opening and cut the excess out.
I think its safer to cut more than you think you need and then trim it down, rather than mess about trying to calculate what is best as it will vary for different sizes and the amount of stretch in your particular fabric.

Is there anything you would change if making it again?

I might make it a fraction longer, I get cold so easily and its on the drafty side around the mid riff – roll on warmer weather!

What advice would you give to customers when choosing a size?

Look at the finished garment sizes compared to your body measurements so that you can gauge how loose it will be. I wanted it loose but not hanging so I aired on the smaller size that I thought I could get away with.

Are you happy with the finished garment?

Yes I’m really happy. It is so comfy to wear and easy to bung on with jeans but still looks pretty.

How long did it take to make?

Due to the neckband situation, probably about 3 hours – I’d be quicker next time now that I know how to deal with it.

How much fabric did you use? Did this match up with what was recommended on the pattern?

I used 1.1m of fabric and I just had enough. I prewashed it and it hardly shrunk at all but I was only just able to extend the arm length to what I wanted.
I would go with what the pattern recommended and add little if you want to extend any lengths.

This was a really quick easy make and the style would be great to use for going to the gym of hanging out around the house too.

If you have never sewn with stretch fabric before it’s a nice once to try as the sweatshirt fabric is really stable so easy to control – you should give it a go!