Pattern Club Review Deer and Doe Bruyere Shirt

Blog / 1 December 2014

As you all know the gals here at g&g love to make new things all the time and then chat and gossip about it afterwards so it seemed fitting to start a proper Pattern Club where we would have time to sit down and chat about our recent makes. You can read more about previous pattern club posts in the link here.

Today Rachael is sharing her experiences on making the Deer and Doe Bruyere Shirt.

So it’s over to her to chat through the pattern club 20 questions....

Vital statistics

  • Deer and Doe Bruyere Shirt (available online here), or in-store at g&g)
  • One variation offered but you can always leave the sleeves out like I did
  • Sizes offered 34-46
  • Described as Advanced

How would you describe the style of the garment?
Classy long shirt shape with curved hem and back yoke detail.

What type of figure or body shape is it most suitable for?
Any body shape

What types of fabrics are suitable?
Light to medium weight fabric like cotton lawn, chambray or linen

What fabric did you choose and why?
Cotton lawn as I wanted a soft, loose floaty look and I thought the print was really fun.

How easy was it to trace the pattern?
Very easy! Well laid out plus the deer and doe pattern paper is strong so no flimsy tissue paper to mess around with.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Did the difficulty level on the pattern match what you think it should be?
The instructions were easy to follow; there isn’t too much text, which I actually thought was good because it was concise and straightforward. No fancy working or complicated sentences.

We're the illustrations/pictures easy to interpret?
The pictures were easy to follow, very clear although I thought there could be a few more for every step. I don’t always enjoy reading instructions so illustrations are good!

What challenges or difficulties did you find when putting it together?
Not many which was good. The only bit I thought was tricky, mainly because of the lightweight fabric, was lining up the back yoke and front facing to the armholes. But with a little perseverance it came together nicely in the end.

Does the difficulty level on the pattern represent how difficult it was to make up?
I don’t think it is a totally advanced pattern. I would say more intermediate with confidence. 

What tips would you recommend to make construction easier?
I would recommend very accurately and carefully pressing the placket seam lines as it will help a lot more when sandwiching in the collar and shirt. The crease lines will make it neater and crisper.

How did you find the fit? Was it true to size?
The fit was good and I think true to size. It isn’t a close fitting shape anyway and it lends itself to a more loose style. I thought it turned out perfectly!

What adjustments did you make?


Is there anything you would change if making it again?
There are some lovely sections with topstitching so I think I would choose a plain fabric and play around with contrast colours. The construction was quite simple so I wouldn’t change much. Perhaps just taking more care when pinning the back yoke so the stitch line inside looks straighter.

What advice would you give to customers when choosing a size?
As the sizes are listed as European sizes only, I would recommend carefully measuring yourself and choosing a size based on that, like most patterns really to go with your measurements and not what size you might think you are. 

Are you happy with the finished garment?
Yes, really happy, I’ve worn it loads of times already, which is always a good sign.

How long did it take to make?
Maybe about 6 hours over 3 days.

How much fabric did you use? Did this match up with what was recommended on the pattern?
I only needed 1.2m (without sleeves) of fabric that is 140cm wide. The pattern recommends 2.5 yards of 60” wide fabric.

Any other comments

The cotton lawn is a bit thin for this time of year but good for layering up.

I was going to use a contrast plain blue fabric for the waistband but I changed my mind in the end. I thought it might limit what else I could wear with the shirt. Not really an issue with the pattern itself, just something to think about when choosing fabrics.

Thanks for sharing Rach! Lucy has a few finished touches to her Yona Coat before she fills you all in on how she got on!