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Made for baby - cute sewn gifts

Blog / 17 May 2017

Now that Sophia is a whole 1 year old, I'm enjoying making things for her more and more. We've just about ran out of the lovely clothing gifts we received when she was first born so she's needing lots more new clothes. She is also more aware of her toys and what is hers so I know making little things for her won't be quite a lost on her as it was when she was a tiny baby.

When Ayda from the blog Cafenohut asked me to be part of the blog tour for her new book Made for Baby, I happily agreed to join in. To see the full list of participants check out this link where you will also find details of the giveaway that Ayda is currently running.

The book is all about easy and simple projects that are great for new or quite young babies. I would say the difficulty level is aimed more towards a beginner or those who are looking for something quite and easy to give as a gift.

They are all perfect for scrap busting too and I was more than happy that I could use some of the fabrics that I've been squirrelling away for years. Or if you need an excuse to buy more fabric then fat quarters are prefect too!

The look and feel of the book is really inspirational and I love all the pretty colourful fabrics and styling that has been used to show off the projects.

My favourite projects are the the rabbit soft toy which I think is so cute, especially if you made a few of them so they could be friends!

The bib with a pocket is also super practical. Sophia is always dropping stuff when she eats then fishing it out of the pocket on her bib!

I also love the cushion cover with applique tents on it.

I decided to make some of the hanging comet decorations for Sophias new tent!

They are super easy to make - you don't event have to turn the star inside out as the edges get finished with pinking shears - whoop!

I decided to use some ribbon and scrap yarn that I had to make more of a shooting star tail bit on mine. Again - so happy to be able to use some of things that I crazily hoard!

I was a bit worried about Sophia pulling of the tail bit of the comet so I tied a knot in all the yarns and ribbons before I stitched it in place between the layers of fabric. I also lengthened the ribbon that you hang it from so that they would hang down into her tent more.

She seems to really like them, sometimes we have a little lie down in the tent and look up at the stars.

As I'm sure those of you that have hung out with a 1 year old before will know, they literally do not stay still even for a split second, so getting some pictures of Sophia with the comets was....... interesting and this was about the best I could do!

I was kindly given a copy of the book for free to take part in the blog tour but I only like to join in these things when I genuinely am interested the book I'm reviewing.

You can buy the book online - just follow this link.