Lovely leather accessories - Part two
made from gorgeously soft genuine leather

Blog / 1 July 2016

Following on from Wednesdays post where I showed you how to make some lovely accessories using these amazingly soft and luxurious leathers, today I wanted to talk you though making a handy travel wallet/ purse, luggage tag and handy trinket tray and share my top tips for sewing with leather.

Top tips for sewing with leather

  • Store the leather flat or loosely rolled – to avoid getting creasesthat are hard to get out
  • Use a brand new leather needle or heavy-duty needle
  • Use paper clips or wonder tape to hold pieces together before sewing so you don’t ‘scar’ the fabric with pins
  • If you are using top stitch thread you may have to alter the tension on your sewing machine – make sure you practise on little off cuts first.
  • If your sewing machine is struggling a bit, especially when sewing though several layers, try manually doing the stitches by turning the hand wheel and very slightly moving the leather to create a stitch rather than relaying on the feed-dogs/grips on your machine to move the fabric.

Travel Wallet / Purse

Cut out a rectangle measuring 18cm x 20cm and round off the corners which will create the section that flaps over. Add a 0.5cm seam allowance onto that rounded edge (in the same way shown for the sunglasses case in part one blog post).

Cut out another rectangle measuring 10cm x 5cm for the inside pocket - this will be big enough for cards.

For the front section, cut out a rectangle measuring 18cm x 9cm. Then angle the two side edges by drawing a line 3.5cm in from the top edge and connecting it to the bottom corner.

For the two side panels of the front section, they need to be 12.5cm tall and then overlap the centre section by 0.5cm. I drew out all my pattern pieces onto paper first to check that everything lined up.

Place the inside pocket onto the back panel 3.5cm from the edge and 5cm from the bottom and hold in place with wonder tape. Top stitch it on around the sides and bottom edge.

To finish off the rounded edge, place wonder tape along the seam allowance and then fold it over towards the inside of the purse. Top stitch in place.

Join the front panels together by overlapping them by 0.5cm and holding them in place with the wonder tape before sewing them.

Place the front section on top of the back section and sew them together around the edges and bottom to create the pouch.

Attach the magnetic clasp on by making two very small slits in the leather for the folding prongs. The leather will stretch so better to be too small that too big here.

Feed the prongs though and put the washer in place.

To give the clasp more grip, cut a small section of leather and feed it though the prongs too.

Then finally disguise all of that by gluing a little bow over the top (see part one blog post for how to make the bow).

Repeat to attach the other side of the magnetic clasp to the front panel making sure that they ling up accuratly.

Then just slip your essentials inside and you are good to go!

Luggage Tag

Cut a rectangle measuring 25cm x 8cm for the main outer section and round off the corners. Cut another piece measuring 10cm x 8cm for the inner section and cut out the centre leaving a 1cm border. For the tie cut one piece measuring 0.5cm x 30cm.

Place the inner section on the outer section 2.5cm from the edge, hold together with wonder tape and top stitch in place.

Using a leather punch, create a hole in the fabric 1.2cm from the edge.

Put a 5mm eyelet around the hole. The packs of eyelets come with a special tool to apply them with, all you need is a hammer!

Then feed your long tie strip though the eyelets, slot a piece of paper into the inside with your details on and you are ready to go!

Handy Coin Tray

Create an equilateral triangle with each side measuring 15cm.

Using a leather punch make two holes at each corner 4cm from the point and 1cm in.

Take 3 7.5mm by 3-4mm tubular rivets and feed them through both the holes in each corner. Then use a hammer to lock the rivet in place.

If you fancy having a go at any of these projects then we have 10% off all the leathers and all the tools and notions that I've mentioned too until Friday 15th July! The discount is already applied - yay!

Image credit to Victoria Beddoes Photography