Lovely leather accessories - Part one
made from gorgeously soft genuine leather

Blog / 29 June 2016

I love finding and discovering new things for the shop and sometimes I buy fabrics that are a bit different just because I love them so much myself!

So, when I came across these gorgeous leather skins I knew I had to get some even though we have never had anything like that before in stock.

They are ex-designer and the colours just look so beautiful together! They are also incredibly soft and fluid, not stiff like some leathers.

Each piece is a full skin and they measure approx 55cm x 50cm so I thought I’d challenge myself to see how many little mini projects I could get out of one full piece. It turns out quite a lot!

I started it way back before Sophia was born and managed to get all of these items and I still have enough left for a little note book cover or mini purse.

You can wile away the hours on pinterest looking for leather project inspiration but here are a few ideas that I made with my stripy skin

  • A sunglasses case
  • A love heart bookmark
  • A travel wallet/purse
  • A luggage tag
  • A keyring/bag charm
  • A loose change tray
  • A mini bow brooch

The great thing about the stripy skin is that the opposite side is plain cream (aside from the leather stamps/markings) so it’s great to use as a contrast.

This week I wanted to show you how simple it is to make some of these items and my top tips for sewing with leather that is soft and supple like these skins.

Mini Bow Brooch

This little bow brooch is a great accessory to make from smaller sections of the leather and can be added onto other items like my sunglasses case and travel wallet/purse.

Simply cut a rectangle measuring 10cm x 1.5cm. Along the long edges trim off a slither so that the middle of the rectangle measures 1cm then tappers out towards the ends - this will give the bow a pinched in appearance.

Fold the rectangle towards the centre and glue in place. Then cut another rectangle 1cm x enough length to wrap around and create the 'knot' part of the bow. Trim it so that the edges butt up against each other as it will be too bulky of they overlap. Then glue a brooch back onto the bow - or stick in onto another accessory!

Sunglasses Case

To make the sunglasses case, cut out a rectangle that measures 20.5cm x 18cm and round off the corners at one end. Add an 8mm seam allowance onto the rounded edge, starting 6cm down from the top rounded edge.

Fold the seam allowance over and hold it in place using wonder tape then top stitch it in place using top-stitch thread with a leather needle in the sewing machine.

Fold the opposite end of the rectangle up to meet where the folded seam allowance is and sew the edges of the case.

Cut a length of leather 1cm x 40cm and stitch it onto the outside of the case 10cm from the folded edge.

Glue a bow onto the outside of the case at the edge of the bow so that there is a space underneath the centre of the bow to feed the leather strap though.

Slot your sunnies in.....

...and you are ready to go! Best to keep them handy in your bag - one minute its sunny and the next rainy!

Key ring/ bag charm

Cut out a rectangle measuring 5cm x 8cm and cut slits into it 0.5cm apart stopping 1cm from the top edge. Put a strip of glue along the top edge.

Then tightly roll it up. Just be careful as the glue is likely to ooze out a little.

Cut out another rectangle measuring 6cm x 3cm and trim the corners to make a point. Trim the long edges so that the middle measures 1.2cm and will sit flat in the the clasp.

Feed it through the clasp and put a small amount of glue on each side then wrap it around the rolled up bit.

Clip onto your keys and they will be a lot easier to find in your bag! And they'll match your sunglasses case of course!

If you fancy having a go at any of these projects then we have 10% off all the leathers and all the tools and notions that I've mentioned too until Friday 15th July! The discount is already applied - yay!

I'll be back on Friday to show you how to make the travel wallet/ purse, coin tray and luggage tag!

Image credit to Victoria Beddoes Photography