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Blog / 23 May 2016

Despite the major distraction of a certain super cute little baby that’s now in my life, I’ve kinda missed taking part in the Me Made May challenge this year.

For those of you who haven’t heard about it before, Me Made May was set up be Zoe of popular sewing blog SoZowhatdoyouknow, and is a self set challenge to wear your handmade wardrobe during the month of May. You can set your own rules and pledge to wear and/or post your outfits as often as you wish. Really it’s just a lovely way to celebrate, share and motivate you to wear handmade.

A lot of the clothes I wear are handmade anyway but I didn’t want to commit to posting something everyday while I settle into life with a newborn – quite often I don’t even know what day it is at the moment!

That said I couldn’t resist posting a token picture at the weekend of my and baby S wearing co-ordinating ‘me made’ outfits. I had on my hacked Grainline Patterns Lark Tee and Sophia had a super cute Two-stitches Patterns Babygrow on (which was actually made by Claire). Both are made from our amazingly soft dusky blue cotton jersey. I absolutely love this fabric, it as a lovely drape but isn’t too thin, its really soft and it washes beautifully! No pilling and no ironing needed – it’s seriously awesome! We've only got a little bit left so just ring the shop if you'd fancy some.

While perusing the blogosphere during one late night feed I came across Kids Clothes Week Challenge, again on Zoes blog, and it caught my eye.

This challenge is set to happen between 23rd and 30th May and the aim is to sew clothes for your kids for 1 hour each day. Realistically 1 whole hour a day is still going to be too much for me at the moment but I want to try and do something each day – even if its for 10 or 15 minutes.

So I’m planning to make a Two Stitches Babygrow myself using this lovely Art Gallery cotton jersey with pretty birds on it. I’ve prewashed my fabric (the washing machine is constantly on anyway these days!) and the plan is to do just a little bit each day and fingers crossed by the end of the week I’ll have actually made something!

Had I been able to do the full hour each day I’d be making all sorts for baby Sophia. Hopefully I'll work out how to get more time as the weeks go on!

The Frida Dress pattern is so cute and would look lovely in the Cotton and Steel Cat Lady fabric. I'm generally more of a dog person but this fabric is so cute!

I also love the Made by Rae Geranium dress. I think it would look great in the new Dashwood studios Cotton Candy range. With Sophias dark hair I think she will really suit strong bright colours.

Does anyone have any tips for me for sewing with a baby around? Or am I being a bit too naieve and optomistic?!