How to Make a Flat Bow Belt - Tutorial

Blog / 9 April 2013

I love adding contrast when sewing, whether it's with a little trim, pretty buttons, or using bias binding, I think its a really lovely way to add detail and make certain things stand out.

This little flat bow belt is so easy to make. I made mine for this flowery print top that has a waist seam where the peplum starts. I think having the contrasting belt here makes that part of the top stand out a lot more and also helps to break up all the floweryness! 

To make this little belt all you need is:

  • A strip of fabric 8cm wide. To calculate the length you'll need measure around your waist (or wherever you want the belt to sit - at the hips maybe) and add 4cm. Add 40cm to this measurement for making the bow and you have the total length of strip you'll need to cut. 
  • a little stud or hook and eye to fasten the belt
  • co-cordinating thread fo the top stitching

First of all, press your long strip as show below. Press in about 2cm in toward the middle of the strip so the right side of the fabric faces outwards. Then fold the strip in half and press which will hide all the raw edges. 


Next, at one end of the strip, open out the folds and place the right sides of the fabric together. Stitch between the centre fold and outer fold as show below. Then turn it out the right way so the raw edges are hidden and trim off the bottom corner - this helps decrease the bulk a bit. 


Fold the bottom of the strip back up, following the lines you pressed previously, hiding all the raw edges. Then very carefully stitch all the way around the strip.


To make the bow, cut 3 strips - 16cm, 12cm and 8 cm one. Then fold them inwards as shown below and stack them on top of each other. 


Use the smaller strip to wrap around the centre of strips. Then take the raw end of the main belt strip (the end you didn't neaten off), and inclose it in the small strip thats wrapped around. Hand stitch all the layers together to hold the stack in place.

Lastly hand stitch a little stud (or you could use a hook and eye too) to fasten the belt. 

And you've got a lovely little belt!