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Everyday Bettine Dress
with added button placket

Blog / 23 November 2016

A month or so ago I went through all the sample garments that we keep on a rail in the shop and I came across the linen Bettine dress I made in summer 2015. It’s not fitted me for ages now (pregnancy etc) but I really miss it and loved wearing it. Especially having those massive pockets!

So not wanting to feel like I was missing out I decided to make a new one for myself but add in a button band on the front bodice so I could still wear it when I’m feeding Sophia.

The pocket situation on this dress is seriously awesome! Nice big deep ones!

For the button band, I followed the tutorial I wrote way back as part of my Simple Sleeveless Top Series, on adding in a button band. It’s really simple and you don’t need much extra fabric. It’s a ‘grown on’ button band which means you don’t have to cut out any extra pieces of fabric. You just don’t cut on the fold and add a bit extra to the centre front, which ends up getting folded a few times to create the button band.

I used this cute navy doggie fabric which is a cotton lawn, and I initially thought it might be too fine for the skirt section on its own but wearing it with thick tights or leggings means it’s fine.

Instead of buttons and buttonholes I used the Prym colour snaps and put them on with the Prym vario pliers which is just so much fun!

I've made a little video so you can see the dress in action and I also show you how to use the colour snaps and pliers too.

Everything you need for applying the colour snaps!

Some of you might have spotted on Instagram that I put one of the snaps on the wrong way at the cuff. The moral of the story is be really careful and double and triple check what way round they go before you squeeze those pliers. In the end, after trying to break it off with pliers, I had to use a pair of scissors with a sharp point to cut the rim of the snap off and then I could wiggle it out. Probably not great for the scissors but needs must!

Anyway, I’m so happy to be wearing a Bettine again. It’s such a versatile pattern and great for everyday wear and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this dress.

What is your go to dress for comfy everyday wear?

Image credit to Victoria Beddoes Photography