Completed - Nani Iro Delphine Skirt

Blog / 28 October 2014

There is no hiding it, I bloomin’ love all the Nani Iro fabrics! It’s sounds a bit corney.... but there is something so magical about them. Bear with me here......I don’t quite know what it is….the delicate colours mixed with bold, the quality of the fabric, the fact they look they have been hand painted – every meter of it – and not designed purely on a computer screen....aahhhh lovely! 

When I made my Sewaholic Belcarra back in the summer from the Pierre poncho Rainbow Stones design, it became my favourite top!

So when we had second delivery of it and there was a cotton/linen mix canvas in the same design but with added little sparkly silver bits I was in fabric heaven!

I swear it would be calling my name form the fabric shelf every time I passed, and in the end there was no other option other that to make something from it!

The main thing about this fabric for me was choosing a really simple garment so that the fabric could shine through. I wanted to disrupt the splodges as little as possible and ensure they remained intact.

I choose the Delphine skirt from Tillys book as I knew it would make a nice basic that I could wear with lots of things. And the weight of the fabric is perfect for the skirt, as it will hold the a-line shape nicely.

I was trying to be economical with the fabric and tried to squeeze it out of a meter but it wasn’t easy – I wouldn’t recommend it. The pattern suggests 1.3m of 115cm wide fabric but it would be safer to go for more if you want to be particular about what splodges end up where on the skirt. 

My favourite colours were near the they ended up on the right hand side of the skirt...

It looks less colourful from the left I think...ah well..

I made mine in a size 3 as that’s what my wait measurement matched up to, but I knew it would be to big in the hips. That was fine, as I wanted to bring in the full A-line shape a bit anyway. Exaggerated a-lines don’t suit me. So once I had it together, I just tried the skirt on inside out and adjusted it at the side seams accordingly.

It came up a bit long for me too so I just made the hem allowance a bit bigger. I kinda like that these days, a deeper hem, and it helps to make the bottom edge of the skirt more structured, helping to maintain the shape even more.

I’m really pleased with it and I just love love love the colours.

Our other cotton/linen canvases would works great as well....
These gorgeous mustard orbs

And the Ellen Luckett Baker Kokka fabrics….how nice would the grey one be for Christmas!! 

We also have some really gorgeous Robert Kaufman Chambrays in the ‘Just Arrived’ fabric section too...

What delights have you made with Nani Iro fabric?