Blog Hop Book Review - Faux Taxidermy Knits

Blog / 16 September 2014

As most of you know, I like a bit of a knitting project on the go, and I’m always interested to see new knitting ideas. So, when I was asked to be part of a blog hop and review Louise Walkers new book Faux Taxidermy Knits, I was most certainly intrigued, being an animal lover myself and all. 

Louise’s love of nature and animals is clear and she has created a really fresh, bright book full of quirky ideas to knit taxidermy inspired projects to wear and for the ‘habitat’. (Love that!)

Some of the designs are quite out there, and I’m not sure I can see myself wearing them, but if I saw someone wearing them, I’d think it was pretty cool! The Wolf Headress looks the most impressive and the hedgehog slippers look very toasty!

In the ‘habitat’ section I like the owl cosy, the mole door stop and the bear coasters are adorable! 

If I lived in a country cottage I might be tempted by the moose head which looks awesome!

Or for something really wacky there is a tiger rug too!

The patterns look easy to follow and each row is spaced out well which always helps when you are trying to keep track of what row you are on. 

The projects are graded in skill level by beginner, intermediate and advanced. I’d say that even the beginner ones look quite involved and require shaping’s and colour-work. So, advanced beginner is maybe a bit more accurate.

There is a techniques section at the back of the book that shows you how to cast on and bind off, how to work out gauge, increasing, decreasing, circular knitting, how to pick up stitches and sew up projects. The illustrations that demonstrate them are really clear, but I reckon you’d need to be more than comfortable with basic knitting and purling, and use the techniques as more of a refresher.

There is also full size template at the back as well for the projects that require them.

If you fancy getting your hands on a copy you can order online from Stitch, Craft and Create and you can see the full blog hop schedule here. 

What do you think? What project catches your eye?