At last I've been sewing again! Here is my Mathilde Blouse!

Blog / 15 March 2013

I'm conscious that over the past 4 months or so my blog has completey turned into some sort of a tribute to a Grand Designs episode. All the renovations of the new shop and studio have taken over just about every minute of my time. And although it needed to be done and we wouldn't be so close to finally opening if I hadn't put all that time in, there comes a point (and all you stitchers and knitters and makers out there will know) that enough is enough and a girl just needs some sewing machine time

Despite the reels of photos I've shared of me covered in paint or dirt or dust, my real passion is making things! Whether it be a new purse, a lovely tote shopping bag, a new blind for the living room - with some matching cushions, a summer dress, a cosy cardy or pair of socks, an Autumn jacket, re-upholstering a chair, bringing back to life an unloved piece of furniture.....I just love to be busy being creative. 

So in a defining blog moment for me, I hereby claim to stop posting you photos and stories of what wall has been knocked down and then plastered and then painted, of what concrete beam has been put in place or of what window has been refurbished. You'll all see my finished shop soon enough and all those finishing touches are much better seen in real life anyway, so come visit me when the time comes!

As the painting frenzy died down a few weeks ago, I started working on making up a lovely little blouse, called The Mathilde, that was designed by my good friend Tilly over at Its a lovely little versatile blouse with crisp tucks at the front, a button up back and gently puffed sleeves. The pattern is available to buy as a download from Tillys website.  

I used a Liberty Tana Lawn that I've had in my fabric stash for a while to make the blouse but I didn't have enough to make the sleeves their full length. So instead, I used a little cap sleeve outline from another pattern I had. 

I also wanted to make more a feature between the yoke and the front bodice of the blouse so using some bias binding and cord, I made some piping which was sewn into the seam. I love how crisp these tucks end up looking too and they aren't as tricky as you'd think to create. Tilly has done a brilliant blog post on sewing the beautiful tucks, so you can't go wrong. 

I used the contrasting bias binding to edge the facing on the inside too which I think makes the inside look neat and pretty too!

On the back I used these gorgeous flower shell buttons (watch out for these in the shop!).

If you fancy making one for yourself but feel unsure where to start or that its out of your reach then fear not! We can teach you all about garment making in one of our fantastic workshops - so stay tuned for the release of the studio calender